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Name:Old School Crimefighters
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Community description:Unprofessional squeeing over The Shadow and a variety of other pre-modern detective-types
Unlikely to be very active other than backing up old tumblr posts. Still, may as well fill this out.

Started out of one queer nerd's need to ramble excitedly about The Shadow, as well as other various bygone figures of the mystery-solving and crime-fighting persuasion. This category has been known to include Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Adam Adamant Lives!, and the works of Isaac Asimov, Dashiell Hammett, and Raymond Chandler.

Lots of liveblogging and/or ranting. Sometimes critical analysis and meta. Occasionally fanworks. At least 90% irreverent nonsense. If you'd be annoyed by jokes about the Shadow narrator's hand fetish or serious in-depth discussion of a Pokemon AU, you should probably turn back now.

Otherwise, you're all welcome and encouraged to join the rambling. All early posts will be moderated but after one or two entries I'll probably unmod you. Pretty much anything that started production before the 70s and is even vaguely related to detectiving is fair game as far as I'm concerned, especially if it's lesser-known.

I'll make an official set of rules later if they become important. Mostly, be conscientious of your fellows so that everyone can have a good time. Cut long posts, hide spoilers, source art, don't post stuff that's completely off-topic. More seriously, properly tag and filter upsetting content, deal respectfully with upsetting material, refrain from discriminatory or threatening commentary, and be willing to listen to other voices and make changes. Mistakes aren't the end of the world, but you're still responsible for fixing them and avoiding the same mistake in the future.

These stories are often sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic, classist, glorify abusive behavior, and are otherwise rife with issues both explicit and implicit. Acknowledging and discussing those issues is welcome. Emulating those behaviors is not.

Contact Cryptix at any time with questions or concerns.
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